JL-Z250 Non-woven Flding Cutting Machine

  • Speed500-600pcs/min
  • Voltage380V
  • Power3.5KW
  • Weight1000KG
  • Dimension3500X1000X1800mm(LxWxH)

JL-Z250 Non-woven folding cutting machine

  1. 详细信息


JL-Z250 Non-woven folding cutting machine


This machine is professional for making folded nonwoven cleaning wipes. It has high producing capacity and running stability.

1. 250mm folding machine size: about 3.5*1.0*1.7m (L*W*H).

2. The maximum width of raw material can be fed is 300mm.

3. It can process: A. spunlace nonwoven; B. chemical-bonded nonwoven; C. needle-punch nonwoven; D. airlaid paper, etc.

4. The range of raw material specific gravity is 30-150g/m2.

5. The performance of the machine:

A. printing(optional);

B. folding;

C. Cutting;(using band-saw to cut the folded fabric);

D.Counting; Pneumatic counting the pieces. You can set the number which you want;

E. Low and high speed running can both be adjusted by stepless speed adjusting device;

F. The machine can finish basic folding ways such as: Z, N, 1/4, etc.

6. The working table of the machine uses thicker iron board. The wheel of band saw has been technically processed. Enwrap the special cloth on the surface of this wheel to decrease the noise.

7. The tail shelf of the machine installs the broad-strap synchronous transferring device to control the tension of the cloth.



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